Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Santee - Week #65 - July 29, 2014


Hola familia!
Wasn't I was just barely at the computer writing to you? Sheesh, the time is slipping right from under my fingers. AHHH!! Make it stop! My companion, Hermana Hess, goes home in exactly a week. I am going to miss her so much. These past three transfers we've had together have been crazy awesome. We have seen so many awesome miracles worked here in Santee.
People have been asking us this a lot lately (and then Hermana Hess gave a talk on it): "Why are missionaries so happy?" Because they have front row seats to the biggest miracle of all--Watching the Atonement change people. That's why I'm constantly excited and talking about the Gonzalez-Ambriz family. They are constantly changing and it is incredible. Watching people change, no matter how small the changes are, makes me so happy. The Atonement is real.
I love what Elder Solis' said in his general email: "When you're a missionary, you feel like Superman (or Superwoman) every single day. You have an unrestricted desire to find those who are suffering and who are praying to come closer to Christ. You literally wake up and think to yourself, "Whose life can I change today? Whose life can I change by providing them with loving service? Whose life can I change with my beautiful smile?"
There's that 'change' word again. Change brings happiness! Go make someone happy today! Love you!
Hermana Barnes
Las fotos:
1) We went back in time about 200 years at the Mormon Batallion! We finally got to take the Gonzalez-Ambriz (minus Arturo) and they LOVED it.
2) Just look at that temple.
3) Now take a look at that lil' miss sassy pants in the front. She reminds me so much of Madi. This is la familia Buenrostro, super solid members in the branch who have been members for less than a year. The mom, Berta, is on the left of me and is one of our progressing investigators. Keep praying for her!
4) District picture at the temple

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