Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Santee - Week #66 - August 5, 2014

Week full of food, love, and the Spirit.

Hola familia!
I just got back from dropping off Hermana Hess at the airport... I love her and miss her so much already. It's definitely not something you'd want to experience every day. It was so hard to say good-bye to everyone. You gain so much love for these people, including the missionaries, and especially your companions. It was crazy to see the 27 departing missionaries with their suitcases and faces full of anxiety, sadness, happiness, excitement, and tiredness all at the same time.
Side note: We ate meals at 5 different people's houses yesterday because it was Hermana Hess' last day. FIVE. I think I can go hibernate now.
It was such a good week full of food, love, and the Spirit. We saw so many cool miracles, and some of them we feel were just tender mercies from the Lord because it was Hermana Hess' last week. Haha here, I'll name a few:
--A less active member who hasn't been to church in over a year came to church on Sunday!! We were literally jumping for joy when we saw her walk in. Her husband has been trying to get her back to church all this time... his whole countenance was beaming all day as his family was reunited on the church pew. He bore a simple testimony in testimony meeting and the Spirit was so strong. It's amazing what the power of a visit from a visiting teacher can do.
--All of us, missionaries in the branch, planned a special musical fireside and everything went really well!! (it seems like there's always something that goes wrong with these missionary-planned things, but not this time!) We had musical numbers and testimonies and the Spirit was so strong. Arturo and the kids even came without Mayra! That's another miracle. Arturo is feeling more and more comfortable in the church and with the members. It's so stinkin' cool.
--We had an amazing lesson with them about the Restoration and at the end, Mayra (who is the one most hesitant to let the kids get baptized) said, "If this church really true, I want me daughter to be able to be baptized before she's 18 so I'm going to talk to my ex-husband this week to get his permission." WAHOO!!!
--Last night, we had the most amazing Family Home Evening with them at our branch president's house. It was Hna. Hess' last lesson as a missionary. Boy did she end her mission with a bang. The Spirit was out of this world, you could not deny it. They opened up a lot to the branch president and his wife. I know they are going to make a huge difference from here on out. I love the members in this branch. Members really do make a huge difference in missionary work. They are absolutely necessary for the progression of investigators.
Something really important I was reminded of this week is that in every single meeting in the church, all the way from General Conference to simple presidency meetings or coordination meetings with the missionaries, Jesus Christ must be talked about. No matter what the topic or circumstance, we must always keep Jesus Christ the center of everything because that is what He is. "The main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing." What can you do better to keep Jesus Christ the main thing in your life?
I love you! Keep being wonderful!
Hermana Barnes
Las fotos:

1) Our district plus Laura Calvillo bowling with our zone on P-day (Laura stole one of the Elder's name tags)
2) Part of the Solis Family and one of the many "good-bye" desserts (Hna. Solis looks a little angry at the world, but she is one of the funniest people I know)
3) The beautiful Gloria came out on visits with us. She has such a solid testimony.
4) District picture at church--Hna. Hess' last one :(
5) Mayra and the kids at the Mormon Batallion
6) District at the temple

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