Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Santee - Week #69 - August 26, 2014

Milliones de milagros ( Millions of Miracles )

Hola familia!

This past week has probably been one of the most miraculous weeks of the mission! Sheesh! Maybe I sound redunant. Today is going to be a bullet-point kind of day.
Some miracles:

--One of our investigators, Lyanne, had a change of heart experience. Every time we would try to commit her to come to church, she would come up with every possible excuse in the book. The other day, we applied what we learned at MTE's about church attendance (the acronym WHOA: Explaining the Why, How, Organizations, Attendance invitation) and here is her reaction, "Hermanas, nothing is going to stop me from going to church next Sunday! I really feel like I need to be there." Whoa... really? Alright Lyanne, you rock.

--We had a powerful lesson about receiving revelation with the Gonzalez-Ambriz family and at the end of the lesson, Mayra (who has been less-active for 20 years) said to us, "Hermanas, I was thinking today and I decided I want to be a real member of the church again. Like go to church every Sunday and do the things that members do." Then she turned to her boyfriend, Arturo, and told him he needs to get baptized. All the kids are already ready to get baptized. AAAHHHH!! We teared up a little bit! Haha. It might not seem as significant to you as it is to me. But seeing the progress in this family is unreal. Please keep praying for them, Satan is working real hard.

--Yesterday, we had a member with us at every lesson. We had an awesome first lesson with a new investigator named Cassandra and she accepted a baptismal invitation and also a baptismal date for Sept. 27! She is so awesome!

--Then, we ran into this guy named Luis, an extremely potential bible basher. All he wanted to do was bible bash. We were like, "Uh uh." So we told him to just listen to our message, and then he could tell us his opinion. So we simply testified of the Restauration of the Gospel and the Book of Mormon and I can't say he perfectly accepted everything, but his heart was softened and he accepted to read and pray about the Book of Mormon and told us to come back and follow up with him. No way!! How did that happen? The Spirit is real, people.

--Then, we had a lesson with Hermana Solis and her non-member nephew, Pedro, and he also accepted a baptismal date for Sept. 27!! AHHH!!! It was so awesome! Especially because Hermana Fairbourn and I had set a goal that we were going to focus more on getting people with baptismal dates. God saw our real desire and He made things happen the first day! My testimony of goals real with intention sky-rocketed.

Yesterday will probably go down in history for our zone. We added 12 new investigators and set 5 people with baptismal dates in one day! That's out of this world!! We have all been adding new people to teach like crazy. It's been so cool to see that as we work together and cheer each other on, we see more miracles.

Keep being missionaries! I love you!

Hermana Barnes

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