Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Ramona - Week #30 - Nov 26, 2013

TTFN... Ramona :( But Happy Thanksgivi​ng!!
I just got the news that I'm getting transferred out of Ramona tomorrow... :( But right when the Zone Leaders told me, I felt right about it. It was cool. But I'm going to miss everyone so much! All of the members and investigators here aren't just members and investigators. They've all become such good friends and I love them all too much! I also love Hermana Contreras to death and we only got one transfer together... so... that'll be a tough separation. Haha it'll to be hard to leave, but I know that the transfer is right.
What a past couple of weeks! Sheesh! Hermana Contreras and I have been having some crazy weeks full of a lot of hard work and success. What a great way to end the transfer.
--Such good news: Lupe and Estrella had their baptismal interview on Sunday and they're all set to get baptized this Saturday!! Wahoo!!! I am so grateful for the revelation we have received for them. It's a pretty big miracle this is happening this week. I'm so happy for both of them!! Depending on whether my new area is close enough, I'll be able to go to the baptism so that'll be awesome.
--Miracle: one of our investigator's brothers, Carlos, was completely closed off to listening to us last week. He doesn't like to talk at all and he seems pretty stand-offish and doesn't believe in God. He loves to play the piano though, so one day we went over there and just jammed with him at the piano. He would play one song, then I would play one, then he would, and we would just keep taking turns. It was so cool because he started opening up to us! He started asking us questions about what we believed and told us how he felt and said he wanted us to come back. WHAT?!?! Haha miracle! It was confirmed to me that it is SO important to build a relationship and show the people that you really do care and have interest in their lives so that they trust you and have the desire to listen and accpet the Gospel. So cool.
--I've had a lot of opportunities with music lately, it's been so sweet. The branch is going to sing at the Mormon Batallion for Christmas so they've been having choir practices the past couple weeks... and they basically put me in charge of teaching everyone their parts. Haha it is the funniest thing, because a lot of the members have never sung in a choir in their lives. So it's been a challenge, but also so cute to see them get so excited when they learn their part. They are so grateful for my piano playing, I didn't realize how grateful these people would be. I feel so bad that I won't be able to help them out anymore! But I'm so grateful that Heavenly Father has been giving me so many awesome opportunities to share that talent with others. I got to play a special musical number in sacrament meeting with an Elder and some others that left to go home today. It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside to see Heavenly Father bless others through our talents. Don't hide your talents!! Heavenly Father gave them to you to bless other people so go bless other people already!
Well mi familia, I just want you to know that I am so thankful for each and every single one of you. I love you all so much. I hope you can feel my love and gratitude, because I can barely contain it! Have an absolutely wonderful Thanksgiving! Eat some extra turkey and pie for me, because I might be eatin' tacos instead! Haha les amo tanto!
Alma 34:38
Hermana Barnes
1 & 2: Some of the members were able to take some of the missionaries to Barona, a super sweet buffet/casino, for dinner (totally looked like the great and spacious building in the midst of all the wide open land space and fields in Ramona) to celebrate a birthday... I'm surprised we were allowed to go. We only did a couple slots ;) Just kidding mom and dad, we were obedient I promise!
3: Last district picture in Ramona!



Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Ramona - Week #29 - Nov 19, 2013

Continue staying tuned...

Hola familia!

Good news... We went to the temple today!!! One of the members in our branch (Cesar Chavez) got his endowments out because he is leaving on his mission soon and we were able to go!! Missionaries are allowed to go every 90 days. Wahoo! It was incredible, and always is. The temple is my favorite place to be in the world, hands down.

Bad news... I don't have any time to write again. Sorry! Next week for sure! Keep praying for our investigators! Every prayer matters! Les amo con todo mi corazon! Sigan fuerte!

Hermana Barnes

Ramona - Week #28 - Nov 12, 2013

Stay tuned...

Mi familia!

There have been problems with the computers so we don't have any time to write today. I will write next week! Be good! Love you!!!

Hermana Barnes

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Ramona - Week #27 - Nov 5, 2013

Wonderful week in Wamona!

Mi familia!

Wonderful week in Wamona!
I told you already about the member in our branch, Hermana Chavez, who was just diagnosed with stomach cancer and had to have intensive surgery last month. Well, they're having three big fundraisers this month to raise money for the surgery and chemotherapy and everything else they need. So we've been able to help out and it's been so amazing to see so many people come together for this great cause. We washed cars for 4 hours on Saturday! I'll send a picture. Pray for the Chavez family! 
A few days ago, we brought their son, Cesar Chavez, out with us for some appointments. One of the investigators we taught, Adrianna, had a best friend that just barely got diagnosed with cancer. What a blessing directly from God to have Cesar with us to testify of trusting in God through hard times because his mom had just been diagnosed with cancer too. It's amazing to me to see how much God really is in the details. Miracles, big and small, are happening people!!
Have I told you that the majority of the people we talk to are illegal? Haha I love them all. Most of them are just trying to work and save money for their families that still live in Mexico. It's hard for me to see them struggling like that without their families and security, but it's such a blessing to be able to teach them and help them see that there's more joy, peace, and blessings for their families they can find through the Gospel. We are so blessed to already have the Gospel. My testimony of that grows every day, it's insane.
Les quiero tanto!
Hermanita Barnes
1. Hermana Contreras, me, and Hermano Pastor Salmoron: the cutest old man in the entire world! He gives us dulces every single time he sees us.
2. Part of the branch and some of the missionaries at the car wash fundraiser for Hermana Chavez. Mucho amor!