Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Santee - Week #62 - July 8, 2014

New Mission President has arrived! 

Happy late 4th of July! I hope you had a wonderful day. There weren't a lot of people home here on that day, and then all the missionaries had to be home before 7 p.m. to keep safe from the partying and drunk drivers on the road. It definitely didn't feel like a holiday, but it's all good. I'd say a great way to celebrate our freedom and our country is by sharing the Gospel!
Our new Mission President, President Schmitt, has arrived! We had a 'Meet the President' meeting with him and then we had Mission Leadership Council. Although he's brand new, he knows how to get things done. He is going to be great for the mission. He is very young, and his four kids with ages ranging from 6 yrs. to 14 yrs. will be staying the whole 3 years. They are an awesome family! He's a lawyer and his wife's a doctor (who also a Spanish-speaking mission in California). Can you imagine the future of their children? Sheesh.
Update on the Gonzalez-Ambriz: They're doing super well! Here's a cool miracle: Mayra (the mom) was supposed to work this past Sunday and was really bummed because she's been praying for ways to get Sundays off. Then she looked at the schedule again later on and someone had switched her days without telling her so that she could come to church! She was like, "Hermanas, it was a miracle!" She was so excited. How cool is that?! They keep praying that they will be able to have Sundays off and Heavenly Father keeps answering. Also, every week they are more and more open to marriage. At the beginning of this all, they basically said "NEVER" to marriage and now look how far they've come. Please pray that they will have the desire to get married sooner than later. They are so close! The kids are such good examples to them.
Sometimes, your investigators get deported to Mexico. Two of some of our really cool investigators just got deported! We were so sad. They are going to get in contact with the missionaries down there. It's a good thing the church is true wherever you are, right?
Sister Hess and I taught part of Zone Meeting again (meetings we have with the whole zone once a month) and we taught about effective planning and raising our faith and expectations. When we put our trust in God's timing and planning, we will realize that He already has miracles planned. We can't make our own miracles happen, so we might as well do everything God's way. When we skip an hour of studies in the morning because we want to go out and teach more peple, we're not doing things God's way. When we hesitate to pray because we want to put off receiving an answer we're afraid to receive, we're just putting off the miracles He already has planned. Doing things God's way and being exactly obedient brings the exact miracles you need. There's a lil' spiritual thought for the day haha. Love you!  
Hermana Barnes

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