Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Santee - Week #53 - May 6, 2014

ELDER BALLARD is comin' to town!

Hola familia!

Elder Ballard came to town!!! Did you watch the CES fireside? It was broadcast from San Diego, from the very church building we have most of our meetings! Super cool! Yesterday, we had a special Mission Conference where he spoke to all of the missionaries again, just like last year. It was AMAAAAZIIING. You could definitely feel the power and presence of an Apostle in the room. The biggest theme of the conference was, "Get over yourself, give your will to God's, and be happy!" It was such a powerful conference. It was the best Cinco de Mayo I've ever had. Some of my favorite quotes from the conference:

--"You're never happier than you are grateful." It's true!

--"In the spirit world, all of us members of the church are going to be doing missionary work. So why are we waiting 'til we die to do the work? LET'S JUST DO IT NOW AND BE GOOD AT IT!" Amen. Go Elder Ballard.

A lil' something I'll never forget: I was asked to play the piano for the conference. Do you know what this means? I got to play the piano for an Apostle of God!! I was humbled a lil' bit. Siblings: Don't quit piano!

Super awesome miracle: The Gonzalez family came to church AGAIN!!! They had even been out of town for the weekend and drove straight to church from their drive home. That's a new level of dedication I didn't know they had. SO COOL!!

One of the most touching moments of my mission: We had a lesson with their family just a few days before, and the 9-year-old son, Arturo, said, "Every time I pray, it feels like Heavenly Father is sitting next to me, and then I just smile." Then he turned to his dad, basically pleading, "Dad, can I please just get baptized?" How PRECIOUS is this little boy?! Haha that is what I call real desire. What he said sounds like something we need to help every investigator to want to say, or at least to feel. Little children are such good examples. We really do need to become as little children.

Oh snap, I almost forgot I'll be calling on Sunday for Mother's Day! Talk to you then! Happy Mother's Day on Sunday to all you wonderful mothers out there! Love you!!!

Hermana Barnes

1) Me, Sister Hess, and the coolest AP's in town at Mission Leadership Council
2) I ate a whole half of a chocolate molten lava cake from Chili's on my year mark! The year mark is a sad day, so chocolate was the answer.
3) I may or may not be a foot taller than Hermana Santillan... cutest lil' lady on the planet.
4) Birthday celebration at the Gonzalez!

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