Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Santee - Week #55 - May 20, 2014

Hola familia!
I decided that bullet-point formatted emails are the way to go. None of this extra flowery fluffy stuff. So. Here we go.
--Miracle #1: We went to go contact a Spanish referral the other day. The woman opened the door and kindly invited us in because of the heat. Right as she shut the door, she immediately started slamming us down and telling us that everything we believed in was wrong and that the Book of Mormon was false and all this crazy stuff. She was COMPLETELY anti-Mormon. You could see Satan in her eyes, it was insanely real. We felt like we were on the front line of a battle with the adversary. We calmly testified and got out of there as fast as possible. It's those moments where you realize how strong your testimony and love for the Book of Mormon really is and how much you've been changed on your mission. As we walked away, we both turned to each other and said, "Well, my testimony of the Book of Mormon just SKY-ROCKETED, thank you very much."  Later that day, we had the most powerful lesson about the Book of Mormon to the Gonzalez family who has had a hard time believing in the Book of Mormon. Because we had that experience with the Anti-Mormon lady earlier that day, we were prepared with our geared-up testimonies to be able to speak with the power of the spirit and touch their hearts. It was SO COOL. I love being able to see the detailed preparations Heavenly Fathers places perfectly in our paths every single day.
--Miracle #2: We had a lesson with a member in the branch, Hermana Genesta, who hasn't ever given us a referral before. We sat down and Sister Hess asked her, "If you were a full-time missionary, what would be your favorite thing to teach to everyone?" Then she went off about her conversion story and talked about how she would love to tell everyone how happy she is because of the Gospel. We told her she could share that with anyone and helped her understand the importance of even just inviting, not necessarily teaching. Then she said, "Hermanas, I think I'm going to call my friend and invite her to church now." It was so cool! First referral! A lot of members are afraid to do missionary work because they feel like they need to know everything and do everything the full-time missionaries do. But even just a simple invitation can change someone's world.
--Miracle #3: On Sunday, we did a special musical number in the Mission President's fireside down in Chula Vista. Sister Hess and Elder Dingman sang, with me at the piano. (The words to "There is a Green Hill Far Away" with the music of "If You Could Hie to Kolob" with some different medley mash-ups). A companionship of missionaries serving in Logan Heights brought their investigator to the fireside, and right after the musical number we performed, that investigator turned to the missionaries and said they felt the spirit so strong and that they wanted to be baptized! WHAT?! NO WAY!!! Ladies and gentlemen, THAT is why we have Mission President Firesides. THAT is what music can do. The Spirit is real!  

I love you mucho! Cuidense mucho!

Hermana Barnes
1) Went on an exchange in Calexico again for MTE's (Missionary Training Experience/Exchange) with Sister Jones and Sister Squire! I love those crazy cool sisters. Amazing missionaries right there.

2) Part of the Silva Family in Calexico (Sister Hess' favorite family when she served there).

3) President Clayton doing an object lesson with his Anesthesiology equipment at MTE's. It was probably the coolest object lesson I've ever seen.

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