Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Santee - Week #52 - Apr 29, 2014

Hola familia!
Miracle of the week: The Gonzalez family came to church for the first time on Sunday!!! THEY CAME TO CHURCH. The mom, Mayra, is a very less active member who hasn't been to church in 25 years brought her non-member family to church!! It was neat to see all the members of the Branch Council greet them during the meetings. Our branch president even invited them to his house. There is a lot of fire for missionary work in this branch, it's incredible. So many prayers answered this week! Keep praying for them!
Sister Hess and I got to go to Calexico (city right on the border of California and Mexico = Calexico) this week to do an exchange with the sisters down there. It's about a 2-hour drive from Santee and not too far away from Arizona. It was HOT! It gets up to 130 degrees down there. But, coolest exchange ever!! I went with Sister Bradshaw. It was a cool experience, because she was the Sister Training Leader that I went on my very first exchange with right when I started my mission. Then she got released from being Sister Training Leader and goes home in just a couple weeks. How crazy is that? It's weird how things change. I felt inadequate at first as a brand new Sister Training Leader going on an exchange with an incredibly experienced, retired Sister Training Leader but during the day it just felt like two companions going hard out to work. I'm learning so much about just being an instrument in God's hands on these exchanges to help the sisters. It's the coolest calling ever.
The topics of pride and humility have been on my mind a lot lately. But I've come to realize more and more that pride is the sin that we ALL need to continually repent of no matter how humble we think we are. You should all read the talk "Beware of Pride" by Ezra Taft Benson. It'll humble you as it slaps you in the face a little bit. I would splurge all my notes into this email but... no I don't think anyone of you would want that. But will you all go read it? Do it. Have a wonderful week! I love you!
Hermana Barnes 
1) Part of our zone went to the temple for P-day last week!
2) The miraculous Gonzalez family
3) Exchanges in Calexico! I look like a small child. But these sisters rock!

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