Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Chula Vista - Week #44 - Mar 4, 2014

It's rainin' rain, the flu, and miracles of course

Hola mi fam!
Cool miracle: The Romero family from the ward invited Ivette and Freshte (investigators with a baptismal date for the 15th) to a big birthday dinner in downtown San Diego. We later found out that Hermana Romero, instead of enjoying the dinner with her family, spent the whole time answering Ivette's doubts and questions about the church. Ivette told her that she has never felt so ready to get baptized! My testimony of member missionary work sky-rocketed even more this week. Seeing things like this makes me want to baptize the world when I return home.
The flu bug has been going around San Diego, watch out. We've had to go on a bunch of exchanges this week with the other hermanas in our district to be able to make it to appointments in both areas. Jose, the guy we found at the junk-yard site is so cool. We set him with a baptismal date for March 29th on exchanges and he is so excited. So prepared.
Shacht family: They are SUPER solid. They are the family that come to church every single week, have tons a great questions, and really want to get baptized. They told us if something were to happen and the missionaries weren't able to come over anymore, they would continue to read the scriptures and pray every day and go to church every week. So they told us not to ever worry about them. YES. It was music to our ears.
Please pray for Ivette, Freshte, Jose, and the Schacht family. They are all so close to baptism and they need all the prayers they can get.
The big fast for rain is continuing to poor blessings upon San Diego! Literally! SO MUCH RAIN THIS WEEK!! 
Con tanto amor de Chula Vista,
Hermana Barnes
1) Me and Hermana Pendleton at Ocean Beach. I love her. I love the beach. I was even closer to jumping in this time. I'm learning a lot of self-control and resistance to temptation on the mission.
2) Panning for gold at the Mormon Batallion
3) Watch out, he's loaded! 

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