Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Chula Vista - Week #43 - Feb 25, 2014

Junk-yard miracles

Hola mi familia,
Super cool story: We had this referral from like 2 months ago that we had tried to find for the longest time and the address just kept leading us to a junk-yard type thing. Finally we decided to check it out again a couple days ago and there was a super grumpy old man that we started talking to and trying to teach. He told us where this guy, Jose, lived but then told us that we could never enter the property because it's private. What?! We thought, "NO!! We have a soul to save!! Don't you understand?" Sheesh. So the next day, we went back... Haha. We made sure he wasn't there and Jose was standing right outside the junkyard! Blessing straight from Heaven. He told us, "I knew when you stepped out of your car that God finally sent me missionaries to teach me! I've been waiting a while!"  He is SUPER ready for the Gospel and SUPER solid. He literally lives in a trailer in a big junkyard-looking thing where he also works. It's super funny. I'll take a picture sometime.
Well, Hermana McBride is gone :( I miss her so much. She got transferred to City Heights. Me and her are definitely going to be friends for life, sheesh. One of the hardest parts about the mission is just growing so close to people you serve and serve with, and then having to say goodbye. My poor little heart! Haha my new companion, Sister Capareda is great though. We are COMPLETE opposites in every way but it's going to be a good transfer. She's an amazing missionary. She's half Filippina and half Australian, pretty cool!
A bunch of missionaries from Chula were invited to have dinner with one of the Mission President's counselors, President and Sister Hunt. Nic's cousins! Mom do you remember Amy Frischnecht? (totally spelled that wrong) You went to high school with her! She remembered you. It is such a small, small, Mormon world.
I'll update you more on Ivette and Freshte next week, but keep praying for them!!
Love you!!
Hermana Barnes
1) The Hermanas in our district and the Hunts.
2) This cute little Hispana came up to me after to church and wanted me to hold her! I wish I could. We took a picture instead. Haha.
3) Last night as a district with Bishop Chavez at the awesome missionary activity we put on. Every companionship in our district got changed up! This district is going to be best friends for life.

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