Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Chula Vista - Week #42 - Feb 18, 2014

Transfer calls, solid investigat​ors, be smart.

Hola familia!
We just got transfer calls and... I'm staying in Chula for another 6 weeks!! Wahoo!! I love this place. But Hermana McBride is leaving :( I sure love her and am going to miss her a whole ton. I have learned so much from her. She will do great things wherever she goes though.
You know that super solid family, la Familia Shact, I was telling you about? Well, we found out last night that they are actually legally married! Yes!! Haha they had been telling us they weren't married because they thought we were asking if they were married in the temple. Haha they were like, "After our baptism we'll get married in the temple of course." So they are a lot closer to baptism than we thought. Best mis-communication ever.
Our district got to do a cleaning service project at German's house yesterday. If you've seen "The District" he's the guy who stopped smoking and got baptized. It was so cool! We were all slightly start-struck for a few seconds when he walked in. Haha the joys of serving in "The District."
Ivette and Freshte are still doing awesome. They both came to church early, stayed the whole 3 hours, AND they didn't feel very well. That's some good dedication right there. They are both excited to get baptized on March 1st. The adversary is starting to shoot fiery darts their way. Please, please, please pray for them.   
Funny moment of the week:
In Zone Meeting, we were discussing some zone activities we can do for P-days and one of the missionaries was like,
"Hey, let's go to a swimming pool and just hang out and play games without ACTUALLY swimming."
Without even hesitation, a very righteous, super obedient Elder was like, "Well, I'd say that's like walking into a strip club with your eyes closed."
This Elder's companion: (under his breath) "okay, that was a little too far..."
Hahaha! We were all dying laughing. Although that probably distracted all the Elders for at least 20 seconds, he brought up a good reminder for all of us. Instead of feeding the temptation of sin, we should just avoid it all together. Everybody: Don't go to strip clubs even if you're planning on closing your eyes. Hahaha. But seriously, we can all be a little smarter.
I love you! Thanks so much for the Valentines' packages! You're all too good to me! Cuidense!
Hermanita Barnes
1) Swap meet on P-day. We got a sweet strawberry cookie jar for a member who loves random gifts
2) It's another beautiful California sunset everybody.
3) Happy Valentines' Day!


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