Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Chula Vista - Week #45 - Mar 11, 2014

Jose volunteers as tribute

Hola familia!
WHAT A WEEK! WAHOO!!! Ivette and Freshte are getting baptized this Saturday!!! And Jose is getting baptized two weeks after that! Our area is on FIRE!!!
Craziest Sunday of my life happened two days ago:
Jose doesn't have transportation to get to church, so we set everything up so he'd be good to go. Manuel and the Romeros stopped by his house to pick him up and the gate was locked and Jose was no where to be found! They tried screaming his name but he wouldn't come to the gate so they left. Jose forgot it was daylight savings!! NOO!!! We were heart-broken. We knew that if Jose wanted to get baptized on the 29th, he would have to come to church 3 weeks in a row. Anyway, during all of this, Ivette and Freshte were having their baptismal interviews in the church right before church was about to start so that was another thing we were running around with our heads cut off for. Hermano Silva, who is rock star member missionary, agreed to go try again to pick Jose up who lived 20 minutes away from the church. We hopped in our car, Hermano Silva hopped in his car, and off we were on a trek to find Jose. We got to his junkyard and the gate was still closed. So we lost 20 pounds for 3 seconds and miraculously squeezed through the gate and right as we ran up to his trailer, there he was, all ready to go with his white shirt and combed hair. I swear I could hear the "Hallelujah" chorus somehwere. I felt true happiness. We jumped in the car and sped back to the church as fast as we could. We were tarde, pero seguro. *SIGH.* Five million more things happened on Sunday, including Ivette and Freshte passing their baptismal interviews (Wahoo!)! Going to church is important people! All that stress wasn't for nothing!
Moment I will never forget: We had a lesson with Jose with Manuel last night on the Plan of Salvation and at the end we asked him to pray about it to know if it was true and he said to us in a most serious and sincere voice (in Spanish), "Okay. I must pray." He said a most sincere prayer and then said, "I WILL LIVE THE PLAN. I ACCEPT THE PLAN!!" as if he had just accepted and volunteered as tribute in the hunger games. Hahaha. Best moment ever. He is so stinkin' excited to get baptized, it's out of this world.
Please, please, please pray for Ivette and Freshte. They are both excited for their baptisms this weekend, but Satan sure is shooting fiery darts their way. Pray, pray, pray! I will continue to pray for the triplets as well! Love you!!
Hermana Barnes
1) District dinner with the Romeros!

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