Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Santee - Week #60 - June 24, 2014

Sometimes you have to break into cars so that others can keep the commandments.

Hola familia!
Saturday night, we got a call from the Gonzalez family asking if we knew how to break into cars because they locked the keys in the car. Immediately I thought to myself, "I am so grateful to my Dad who taught me at such a young age how to break into cars." So we replied with a resounding "YES!" and were off to the rescue. We got to their house and they said, "Hermanas, we really want to go to church tomorrow but we need to be able to drive our car." Okay, no pressure. After just a few minutes of struggling to get the wire hanger into the door, the blissful "Dink!" sound of the door becoming unlocked began a choir of angels singing. Haha the awesome part of it all is that we had just had a super powerful lesson with 1 Nephi 3:7 the night before about how the Lord will provide a way for them to go to church every Sunday if they had the faith to talk to their bosses. So it was a perfect object lesson--Satan tries to get you to "lock your keys in your car" but we have been given the tools (faith, prayer, wire hangers, etc.) to "break into our car" if we really have the desire and the faith to keep the commandments. I'm a cheese ball. But anyway, THEY CAME TO CHURCH!! Thank you, my wonderful father, for teaching me how to break into cars so that others could keep the commandments.
The changes this family are making are unreal. We'll have lessons where we bring up more of the things they need to do, and they basically say, "Oh yeah, we've been talking about that and we're already trying to make it happen." So cool. They are progressing so well but the adversary is working hard. I know I say this every week, but please keep praying for them!
I went on the coolest exchange in City Heights this week with Sister DeAngelo. I love going on exchanges because there are always loads of miracles because they are always expected. We just need to expect miracles to happen every day and they will. The last lesson of the night, we taught a family where the mom was pretty against the church but her heart was softened after her daughters were baptized two weeks ago. She accepted a baptismal date that night of the exchange!! It was one the most spiritual lessons I've ever had and coolest miracles I've seen on an exchange.
Well, thank you so much for all the love. I love you back. Go be a blessing in someone else's life today!
Les amo,
Hermana Barnes
Las fotos:
1) The family (Margarita, Karen, Abby) from City Heights.
2) A confirmation that I listened to what my parents taught me.

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