Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Santee - Week #58 - June 10, 2014

Powerful moments, funny moments. You need both.

Hola familia!

Super buena semana. Filled with all types of moments.

--One of the most powerful moments of my mission: I LOVE THE GONZALEZ-AMBRIZ FAMILY. We had a super powerful lesson about faith and desire. Arturo, the dad, with tears streaming down his face, told us that it's interesting we would talk about this today because it hit him so hard. He said they trust us and know that we and and the church have a lot of power, so they told us about his brother who is in the hospital in Texas. His kidneys are failing him and the doctors don't know why. He's only 31 and he needs all of our prayers.  We offered to send the missionaries in Texas over to the hospital to give a blessing. There were a lot of tears during this lesson but the spirit was so strong, it was insane. At the end, Arturo said the most sincere prayer we'd ever heard. He began to cry as he said that he knows this is the path he should take because the spirit touched him and we keep coming back.  This is ARTURO we're talking about here. ARTURO! I talked about it before, but he was the one totally against having the missionaries over just a couple months ago. Look at him now. The spirit really does change hearts. That miracle will never cease to amaze me.

--One of the funniest moments also happened this week. We were street contacting this lady named Tracy who was part of a Pentecostal church. We talked to her for a minute about the church and our purpose as missionaries and then she had to run. But before she left, we asked her if we could pray with her and she said "oh I'd love to pray for you girls." Guess what happened next? Before we could say or do anything, she ran up to us, put her hands on both of our heads, and started blessing us! In the middle of the street! It took all of our willpower just to keep our laughs to a minimum. What were we supposed to do?! Who knows what people were thinking as they walked by. We got BLESSED by a woman in the street that day. As she was walking away, she yelled out to us, "No fornications! Keep your hearts pure! I'm very pleased with you girls." We love you too, Tracy. Hahahaha.

--Another spiritual moment: Sister Hess and I got to teach part of zone meeting again this week. The spirit was so strong. We were asked to focus on opposition (one of the focuses in mission leadership council). We focused a lot on how we come to know our Savior and become like Him by going through opposition. There were a lot of tears in the room. There were just a lot of tears this week in general. Good tears. Anyway, this principle is something that has helped me a lot through my mission. Remembering that we have the opportunity to become more like the Savior if we allow every opposition, no matter how small, to make us better. With the eternal perspective, opposition makes sense. Without it, it doesn't. So rejoice in opposition and rise!

Les quiero!
Hermana Barnes

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