Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Chula Vista - Week #37 - Jan 14, 2014

Manuel's baptism--wahoo!! Tennis miracle, etc.

Hola familia!
Manuel got BAPTIZED!!! Wahoo!!!
The baptism went SO well. So much support from the ward. He's already a super solid member in the Chula Vista 4th ward, holy cow. He was incredibly prepared by the Lord. He received the Aaronic Priesthood the same day he was confirmed a member and will bless the Sacrament this Sunday. Our bishop told us that Manuel is an answer to his and many others' prayers in the ward who are in need of more strong priesthood holders. We're so excited to see the difference Manuel will make in this ward!

We had to drop some of our really great investigators last night--La familia Sanchez :( It was so sad, especially because they had been progressing so well and were about to get baptized, but they are going through a severe pride cycle right now and won't keep any of their commitments. It is so heart-breaking... espeically when it happens to a whole family.  That right there is the hardest part about missionary work for me. Andres, the father, got a new job and is putting that before everything else. I know they will come back around when they are ready again and they will be baptized. I have a lot of hope for this family. It's interesting to see the pride cycle so apparent in the lives of these people, including missionaries (myself included). We always need to watch ourselves. Pride is the root of all evil and it's everywhere! Hel. 4:11-13! Watch out everybody!
Tennis miracle: So Hermana McBride and I play tennis every morning for morning exercise. Look out dad and the boys, I WILL beat you when I get home. Practice up! Anyway, there is this French couple that plays every morning as well on a different court and they are super good. A few days ago, we decided to go talk to them and see if they had talked to the missionaries before. The wife was like, "Hey, our son was baptized Mormon and lives in Utah with his family!" What?! Sweet! So we talked to them for a little bit and then they said, "Well, we would love to have you over for dinner this week!" Booyah! So we went over and had the most delicious meal I have ever had on my mission! It was all French and fancy. We weren't sure if we would be able to teach them at first because we didn't think they spoke Spanish, and then they were like, "By the way, we speak 4 languages, Spanish included!" Sweet!! They told us they wanted us to come over for dinner every week... added investigators right there. It was so stinkin' cool.
Moral of the story: Use all your talents to find people to teach! (Tennis is still a talent in the developing phase... developing talents work too)
Les quiero a todos! Espero que esten bien y que esten orando por las oportunidades misionales! Cuidense mucho!
Con amor,
Hermanita Barnes

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