Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Ramona - Week #7 - June 18, 2013

AHH!! First week in San Diego!
Hola de San Diego!!

Wow, I don't even know where to begin.  This week has been INCREDIBLE!!  I LOVE SAN DIEGO!! I'll just give a few highlights (sorry, you might not care as much as I think you do, but I am too excited about everything not to share, haha)  Let's see..

I had an awesome experience on the plane to San Diego. Long story short, I pretty much gave the first lesson to a 20-year-old guy and gave him a pass-along card and he was way more interested than I thought he'd be! He doesn't have religion in his life but he said he really wanted to know more.  So that was my first official missionary experience in the field. It was super cool. When we got to San Diego, we stayed at the mission home all day and had more training and practice and ate some really delicious meals. I love the mission president and his wife, they are absolutely wonderful.  The new sisters got to sleep at the Mormon Battalion, so that was also really neat! We got a tour of the Battalion and then off we went to meet our new trainer.

First of all... I ABSOLUTELY LOVE MY COMPANION!!! Her name is Hermana Hughes and she is seriously the type of missionary I want to become.  I learn so much from her every single day.  She has only been out in the field for 3 months and she just barely turned 20 a few days ago.  We look like sisters too, that's what everyone says when they see us for the first time.  We're both really short and blonde, it's hilarious.  Haha I didn't take very many pictures this week but I'll send you what I have and some from the last day at the MTC.

I can't believe it's only been a week... I feel like too much has happened for it have only been a week.  My first area is called Ramona and it is AWESOME!! In the branch I'm serving in, there are 4 companionships of missionaries... can you believe that?! The world is changing! Miracles have been happening every day.  I don't know how to even describe to you what is happening.  Me and Hermana Hughes were placed in an area that has never been worked before.  It's like a farm town, definitely not what I expected in San Diego. But I love it and it is still so beautiful!  So my first week in the missionary field has been a lot different than normal.  We have been doing a lot of finding and contacting on the street, it's been super crazy and exciting! It's scary sometimes but I am getting more comfortable just talking to anyone in my broken Spanish and everyone is so willing to help.  I have already fallen in love with all the members and people/potential investigators we have met. It's amazing. The members in this branch are so missionary-oriented. It truly is a celestial branch.

Some other cool news... I invited 3 people to be baptized, and 2 of them said yes! We have appointments with them again tomorrow, and I am so excited to continue teaching them.  They have a ton of potential. It has definitely been a trial of our faith to find investigators in this small town, but we have truly been blessed with miracles every day.  So many people have been placed in our path that have led to a lot of unexpected opportunities. I seriously can't describe to you every thing that has happened, but just know that I am being spiritually blown away by miracles and my Savior's love for me more every day. Being a missionary rocks.

Well, thank you everyone for your love! I'm glad to hear things are continuing to go well!  Les quiero mucho!

Con amor de San Diego,

Hermana Barnes

1. Famous map picture
2. My MTC district and one of our spiritual beasts of a teacher
3. My district in San Diego at coordination (plus a birthday surprise for my companion)  Did I mention I have THE coolest district ever?! Man I'm blessed. They're all super awesome missionaries too!

Famous map picture in the MTC

My MTC district and teacher

My district in San Diego.
My Companion Sister Hughes.


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