Tuesday, June 4, 2013

MTC - Week #5 - June 4, 2013

Cinco semanas!

Buenos dias!
It's really hard to believe that this is my last real p-day at the MTC.  These past 5 weeks have been the fastest 5 weeks of my life and I have loved every one of them! Tell the Urmstons thank you SO much for the awesome package of food they sent me this week! Wow, people are too good to me.  And thank you all for the letters, I really appreciate them.  
Some highlights of the week: 
Last Tuesday, my district got to usher at the devotional! It was way cool, we all felt super cool and important. Haha we even got front row seats, oh snap.  The speaker was from the first quorum of the seventy, Elder Zwick. His talk was about developing Christlike attributes and how essential they are for every person.  It was really good.  The next day, we got to host the new incoming missionaries and it brought me back to when I got dropped off! It was kinda sad to see all of the missionaries say good-bye to their families... it made me miss all of you! But it was really cool to be the one to show the missionaries around and help them feel welcome and more comfortable their first day at the MTC. We get to host again tomorrow so that'll be fun!
I got my travel plans and a letter from my mission president this week!!! That made everything a lot more real.  We leave the MTC at 5 in the morning on Tuesday.  I think I will be calling home from the airport at around 7:30 a.m. so be ready.  I think we get 5 minutes or so to talk so I will basically just be saying, "I love you... uh... I'm about the board the plane... I love you. I'll see you in 16.5 months! I LOVE YOU!"  Haha that's about all the time we'll get but it'll be good to hear your voice(s?) one last time before I leave.  My mission president told us to be prepared to jump right into missionary work the second we get to San Diego so I'm really looking forward to that!  This week, 3 of our investigators are getting "baptized" on Saturday! Haha I am so happy and excited for them.  It's weird how much you grow to love even a fake investigator in the MTC. I can't imagine what it will be like out in the field.
So there are these early morning sister gym classes that the hermanas and I have been going to and they took pictures of the class one day, so now me and my companion are on fliers in every one of the sisters' residence halls at the MTC! We're FAMOUS!!! Haha I'll have to take a picture and send it home to you sometime, but they are hilarious.  We sat and laughed for like 10 minutes when we first saw them. The hermanas and I found this really ugly skirt in the give away box that fits all of us, so we've been taking turns wearing it every day this week and the Elders have been so confused. Every day, an Elder will come up to one of us and say, "I like your skirt... wait... I could've sworn someone wore the same one yesterday..." Haha we're going to be the "Sisterhood of the Traveling Skirt" once we get out to the mission field and send it to each other every transfer or something.
On Sunday, we had a wonderful fast and testimony meeting.  Since it was the last one for most of my zone, almost everyone got up and shared their testimonies and it was so awesome! The spirit is so strong EVERYWHERE in the MTC. It's amazing.  I love my zone.  It'll be hard to say good-bye to them but I am stoked to get out to the field.  Since my whole district is going to San Diego, there is a high chance that I could be companions with any of the Hermanas sometime in the future. How cool would that be?!  My calling as music coordinator is still going well. I have to go to like 3 or 4 leadership training meetings every week because of it which is kinda funny, but it's great.  My district is singing a special musical number this Sunday since it's our last Sunday so that'll be neat. I'm looking forward to seeing the Mansfields one last timeon Sunday! I love them dearly, they are absolutely wonderful. They said we'd take pictures so you'll probably see those on Sunday
Alright my time is about up, but just know that I love you all very much and I really appreciate all of the support! It means the world to me. Thank you Rebecca for being so on top of things and sending the bedding! I can't imagine how busy you are, wow.  I can't believe you are moving into the new house this week!! That is crazy. I hope things go well, I wish there was some way I could help out! But good luck with everything.  I think we are emailing one last timenext Monday before we leave the MTC so I will talk to you then! Les amo mucho!!
Con amor,
Hermana Barnes 

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