Tuesday, May 7, 2013

MTC - First Letter - May 7, 2013

Hola family!
First let me just say...  I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY!! It is so wonderful. It is definitely not easy at all, but I can already feel my testimony and love for the Gospel growing every day that I'm here.  My companion's name is Hermana Nielsen and she is SO awesome!  I'm pretty sure I have the best companion ever... seriously. We both tell each other every day how blessed we are to have each other. We get along really well and we are both going to San Diego! So I have a feeling we were meant to be good friends for life.  We both love playing sports and being active, so that's been a lot of fun during gym time especially.  She is from Payson and she is the girlfriend of Elder Tarin's roommate and soccer teammate, Peter, from college! It's such a small Mormon world.  Anyway, it's been a great week so far and I have already learned so much.
So, me and Hermana Nielsen have already taught 3 lessons in Spanish!!  Probably the coolest experience I've ever had with the Spirit.  Both of us hardly know any Spanish, but we decided to just take our scriptures and nothing else into the lessons and have faith that we would be able to teach and understand our "investigator."And we did! It was quite the experience.  We have both left the lessons in tears because of the Spirit we felt, even though we didn't really know exactly what we were saying or what our investigator, Fransisco, was saying. We got him to commit to read the Book of Mormon and to pray out loud.  When he prayed, the spirit was incredibly strong and we all felt it.  The MTC is such a special place. I love it here.  In general, the language it starting to come slowly.  At least I can say I can pray and bear my testimony in Spanish!  I'm learning more and more every day.
Let's see, what else.  It's true what people say, that the days feel like weeks and the weeks feel like a day because I can't believe it's already been almost a week.  I feel like I had so many things to say and now I can't remember because there have been so many different things that have happened!  The food is actually not bad so far. I mean, it's only been a week but I don't think I will get sick of it for at least another week. Haha.  My teacher, Hermano Zenger, is absolutely incredible.  He served a mission in Puerto Rico and is going to BYU.  He brings the spirit every day, even if we're just learning about verbs and conjugations, it's really cool.  He is hilarious and my whole district has learned so much from him already.
Well, I hope all is going well.  It sounds like it from the emails and letters.  Thank you all!  DearElder is probably better than email at this point because we don't have much time on email but we have a lot of time to write letters. So feel free to use DearElder instead of email for at least the next 5 weeks or so.  I love you all and I am so grateful for all of the support.  I am doing really well and I am loving every minute of being a missionary.  I love this Gospel and I am so excited to keep learning and growing so that I can better serve those in San Diego.  Thanks again for your love! Have a great week!!
Con amor de MTC,
Hermana Barnes

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