Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Ramona - Week #25 - October 22, 2013

I felt the 'influenza​' of the Holy Ghost yesterday.​..

Hola familia!
It's been a crazy week! Guess what? I got the 24 hour flu yesterday... no bueno. I definitely felt the 'influenza' of... something opposite of the Holy Ghost. I still felt the Holy Ghost though. Haha we had to stay in all day yesterday, it was the worst!! I wanted to go out and work especially because we had appointments, but I was forced to stay in by my district leader, the mission nurse, and the mission president. Haha I didn't win. It was probably best too because it got worse and I probably would've gotten everyone sick... that would've been bad. My advice: don't get sick on your mission! It's bad news. I'm good now, no worries parents.
My new companion is so wonderful!!! I love her so much. Her name is Hermana Contreras. She is a Mormon Batallion sister too! (Every Mormon Batallion sister gets the chance to be a full-proselyting sister for 2 transfers) So it's been a learning experience for her to not be serving at the Mormon Batallion. AND to be serving in Ramona! Haha she did NOT see that coming. She was born in Mexico, but grew up in LA. It'll be good to get some extra help on my Spanish :) She's so stinkin' cute though! And guess what?! She's shorter than me... SHORTER!! That happens once in a blue moon. She's been out almost a year and I am so excited to serve with her...  she rocks. It's also crazy because the first night I got here in San Diego I slept at the Mormon Batallion and it was in Hermana Contreras' apartment! It was meant to be that we'd be companions some day :) I wasn't expecting to get her as my companion now though because everyone had been telling me that I would be training but there haven't been any new Spanish-speaking sisters come in the past 3 transfers! So I guess I might train when there are Spanish-speaking sisters.
We've witnessed quite a few changes of heart in some of our investigators the past few days, it's been AMAZING!! One of our investigators, Isidro, that dropped us a couple weeks ago, basically told us the other day that he wants to keep learning. WHAT?! Sweet. That rocks. Also, Rita's husband who is very closed off and says stuff like, "I'm Catholic and I'm going to be Catholic until the day I die" told us the other day to pray for him and he might change his mind and join this church... WHAT?!?! Haha so funny/awesome. I love seeing miracles. Go look for miracles this week! They're everywhere!
Hermanita Barnes
1. My new companion! (I don't have any good pictures of the two of us yet... stay tuned)
2. We carved pumpkins last week on p-day!
3. Hermana Hughes, me and part of Pablo Rodriguez's family! She had to say good-bye :(
4. Hermana Hughes, me, and the ward mission leader and his wife (I missed the memo that we were smiling for the picture, apparently)
5. Me and part of the Mendez family



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